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In Banaras, their lives are busy and full. Some of their friends are getting married, some of them are making their way into the temple, and others are busy in daily activities. One day, Badki and Chutki find out that it is Purim and they decide to play pranks on the helpless people . Cast Deepti Naval – Badki Rakhee Thakrar – Chutki Chinmay Mandlekar – Nawab Maharaj Crew Director – Santosh Sobti Story – Sidhari Agrawal Cinematographer – Mahendra Kumar Production Badki and Chutki, a Marathi film for children, is directed and written by Santosh Sobti. The movie is a remake of the Hindi movie Rustom. Filming for the movie took place over a period of 30 days. Awards |- | 2012 | The Radio Mirchi - Marathi Film Awards 2012 | Best Film (Marathi) | | Chitra Vasthuri - Marathi Film Awards 2012 | Best Film (Marathi) |} References External links Badki and Chutki on Bollywood Hungama Category:2012 films Category:2010s Marathi-language films Category:Indian films Category:Indian children's films Category:Indian comedy films Category:Indian remakes of Hindi films Category:2010s comedy filmsCytochrome oxidase (COX) is a well-characterized component of the mitochondrial respiratory chain which catalyzes the four electron reduction of oxygen to water. The oxidation of oxygen by the respiratory chain generates the proton-motive force that is used to synthesize adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by other enzymes. In the neuronal cell, COX is the primary site of oxygen reduction and the end-product of oxygen reduction is a diffusible signal, cytochrome c. The binding of cytochrome c to COX is tightly coupled to catalytic turnover of the oxygen reduction reaction. The COX-cytochrome c- oxygen binding reaction is exquisitely sensitive to oxygen, the reduction potential of the site, and other chemical modifications. A major aim of this proposal is to determine the structural determinants



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HD Online Player (Laaga Chunari Mein Daag Hd Movie In ) tyrenat
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